About Canteen


Located in a former gas station-turned-carwash just a few blocks north of the storied Oxford Square, Canteen is a great gathering spot, whether you’re with a group or eating on your own — there are no strangers here. 

Serving breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch (dinner hours to be added soon!), Canteen is the perfect pit stop, whether you're picking up a Lulu's iced Vietnamese-style coffee and a cinnamon roll on your way to work, or meeting friends for a more leisurely Full Oxford English Breakfast. 

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About Corbin Evans


Chef Corbin Evans opened the first iteration of Oxford Canteen in 2014 in an alley by the Lyric Theater. From its tiny kitchen and walk-up order window, Evans served some of the dishes that have since become local classics, and are now available at the new Canteen: a beef brisket grilled cheese with Sriracha mayonnaise, a vegetarian “dirty grains” packed with roasted vegetables, and Oxford’s best breakfast tacos. 

Chef Evans has lived and cooked in Kansas, Philadelphia, Paris, and several points in between, but his primary influences in the kitchen come from the nine years he spent in New Orleans, where he learned to make food for people who make eating well an art form.


Our Partners


Oxford Canteen is proud to be part of a community that is committed to local and sustainable agriculture. For us, that includes serving brown rice and grits from Delta Blues Rice, produce from Yokna Bottoms FarmNative Son Farm, and Clear Creek Produce, and milk from Brown Family Dairy

We are also proud to be the only restaurant in Mississippi to serve High Walk coffee from Congregation Coffee from New Orleans

Native Son Farm  

Native Son Farm


Congregation Coffee in New Orleans

Congregation Coffee in New Orleans